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Introducing Baby Sign

Baby sign can be such an effective tool for supporting communication skills during the first years of life!  Teaching your child gestures and simple signs allows them to access more expressive language while spoken words are still developing.  Baby sign can help your child to repair communication breakdowns and decrease frustration.  It also gives them increased opportunities to communicate and interact with you socially!  Use the button below to sign up (for free!) for the Members Only Section of the website.  Enter your email address and you will receive an email with the password to access "My First Five Signs", along with other featured freebies.

Use Baby Sign to Increase Functional Communication Skills

Baby sign teaches children to communicate for a wide variety of purposes!   Click on the chart below for a PDF copy with ideas on how to support your child's communication skills using gestures and simple signs.

Introduce Baby Sign

Use Baby Sign in Daily Routines

Use signs in daily routines to help create context around the signs you use, making them more meaningful for your child.  Using daily routines also allows for frequent and consistent practice, which will accelerate your child’s ability to independently use signs to communicate.

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The Practical Baby Sign Handbook

 The Practical Baby Sign Handbook features over 50 baby signs with teaching tips, the research to back it up, and the exact steps to follow to teach baby sign to your child.  This handbook contains:

  • Pages designed so that each page can stand alone as a handout that can be displayed in the home or used to guide therapy sessions. 

  • Printer-friendly pages that use minimal color (also grayscale friendly!). 

  • Two Functional Core-Based Vocabulary Posters and one Routines-Based Poster.

  • Teaching pages for each sign with tips on how to use the sign, an illustration, and a QR code link to a video demonstrating the sign. 

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