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This course was designed to be a comprehensive resource for therapy with emerging communicators. The course resources will help you develop the skills and confidence you need to love early language therapy.

You will earn eight professional development hours in this course. These count toward you total of 30 needed for ASHA.

The video modules, parent handouts, and guided learning were designed for both new and seasoned therapists.

You will learn new skills and interventions, obtain all of the research to support your therapy approach, and get access to over 100 parent handouts that will help you save time and make your therapy sessions more productive. Learn more about what's inside the course below!

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Ten Video Modules

You'll earn eight professional development hours and learn about the fundamentals of language development, general strategies to support communication skills, and specific interventions for children with language disorders.

The first part of the course contains bite-size lessons that are ideal for sharing with parents to support your therapy objectives. The lessons in the second half of the course go much more in-depth on specific interventions for children with communication needs. This includes late talkers and children with developmental language disorders, autism, and other neurodevelopmental disabilities.

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Easily Referenced Handouts

This course contains two resources.

The First Words Workbook features 50 pages of attractive, printable handouts to supplement the course topics. You can refer back to the workbook for a refresher on the four-step framework or print the pages individually by topic.

The Guide to Prelingusitic Skill Development includes over 70 pages of evidence-based interventions for children with language disorders. This is a great reference guide for accessing the content in the video modules in an easily digestible and organized format.

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Individual Support

In the exclusive Facebook Group for course participants, you'll receive instructor support via eight weeks of guided learning. You can ask questions about the course, join group discussions, and access bonus lessons related to the course content. You can also get individualized feedback during the two live Q&As.

Guided learning is optional. This course is self-paced and you maintain access to all of the course materials for life.

What People Are Saying About the Course...


Liz, Pediatric SLP

This course is PERFECT for all early intervention speech therapists.  As a seasoned speech therapist myself, I was so impressed with how comprehensive this course was and how much I learned. Laura’s four step framework makes the “road to first words” extremely clear, and I will without a doubt be using her framework with parents in my speech sessions. My favorite parts of the course were the visuals provided, as well as the example videos of Laura implementing the strategies with her little one- so helpful! I could not recommend this course enough!


Gina, Early Intervention SLP

As a seasoned SLP working in Birth to Three for the past 20 years, I still got a lot out of the course. It was a fantastic compilation of all the things we know and use every day, but the way she presented the information, both visually and verbally, has already added to my practice. The handouts are a simple and concise way to share information with families.

The First 50 Words Course for SLPs
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