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Early & Bright

Laura Brown, MA, CCC-SLP


Online Courses for Pediatric SLPs

Early & Bright offers a growing selection of professional development courses created specifically for SLPs who work with children under four.

The First 50 Words Course for SLPs

A comprehensive course for therapy with emerging communicators. 

Includes eight hours of professional development, two course workbooks, and over 100 printable handouts!

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Welcome to Early & Bright!

Our mission is to create a professional community and educational resources aligned with a play-based, whole-child approach to supporting communication skills and early development.


Hi!  I'm Laura Brown.  I'm a pediatric speech pathologist, early intervention specialist, and mom of two little boys.  I believe in a holistic approach to early language development that includes movement, play, and social-emotional support.  It is so important to focus on the whole child in these early years which are a critical period for brain development.  

I have been working with young children for over 13 years and I absolutely love supporting young children and their families to help them grow their communication skills.   I practice a relationship-based approach to therapy that prioritizes joyful, child-led interactions and focuses on connection over compliance. 


My second love is connecting with other professionals who share my passion for early development and teaching communication skills.  Early & Bright offers a free resource library for professionals and several online professional development courses for Pediatric SLPs including The First 50 Words Course for SLPs, Speech Sound Disorders in Early Intervention, AAC in Early Intervention, and the new daily routines course for early childhood SLPs: Transforming Everyday Moments..

 If you're new here, welcome!   I look forward to connecting and continuing this conversation.   You can enter your email below to receive a free PDF resource each month.  Topics include learning through play, evidence-based early language strategies, parent coaching, and prelinguistic skill development. 

Welcome to the Early & Bright Community!

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