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Woohoo!  The SLP Therapy Bundle is on its way to your inbox! 


Are you looking for additional resources to support early communication skills?

Add the Sign Language Toolkit
to your bundle for 70% off!


The toolkit is 23 pages total and includes illustrations and videos of over 100 ASL signs,  tips for teaching sign language in daily routines, and evidence-based strategies for teaching signs.

Three resources for one low price...

Early Childhood Sign Language Vocabulary Sets (1).png

(Sixteen Pages Total)

1. Early Childhood Sign Language Vocabulary Sets

This resource contains 15  vocabulary posters with over 100 ASL signs to support the communication skills of young children with limited spoken language.


The pages are organized by core vocabulary, nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Each page contains illustrations of the ASL signs a QR code with a video link displaying the signs.


(Six Pages Total)


2. Teaching ASL Signs in Daily Routines

This resource covers ideas for teaching signs within a child's daily routines.  It includes a page for the morning routine, mealtimes, indoor play, outdoor play, and nighttime.  


It also covers evidence-based strategies for teaching sign language to young children as a communication tool.  

_My First Signs Poster.png

(Single-Page Poster)


3. My First Signs Poster

This digital poster neatly displays 30 ASL signs to support early communication skills on a single page.  It includes functional vocabulary representing a variety of pragmatic functions.


The custom illustrations will help make home carryover of ASL signs a breeze! 

These three resources are usually $27...
You can add them to your bundle today for $7.99!

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