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New Free Resource: Bagless Therapy Ideas

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Early and Bright community members have access to the free resource library for SLPs and a new free resource each month.  It's free to join!

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Other Resources for SLPs

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The First 50 Words Course

In The First 50 Words Course, you'll learn my signature four-step framework for teaching your child their first 50 spoken words. 


In the SLP Course, you'll receive a certificate for continuing education, additional specialized training for building early communication skills in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, a First Words Workbook, and over 100 pages of handouts that will make parent coaching a breeze! 

Use the link below to learn more about the course.  Enrollment will open again in fall 2023.

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Free Resource Library

Join our community for free and you'll receive access to a free resource library for SLPs and early intervention professionals.  You'll receive a new free resource EVERY MONTH when you sign up!

Topics include: 

  • Learning Through Play

  • Building Preverbal Skills

  • Supporting Early Development

  • Early Intervention


and many more!


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Check Out the Shop!

I have a variety of digital and physical products in my online store. 


You can find the Early Childhood Sign Language Vocabulary Sets, #notjustplaying gear, the Developmental Milestone Bundle, and the Celebrate Neurodiversity product line!

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